ASP Team Finds Power in the Connection

Kudos to Bonsack UMC and Pastor Tim Tate and his team for rescuing our ASP volunteers whose travel plans were hijacked by the violent weather! Eventually the team was able to make their way to the Mullens, WV site, which we understand has power and A/C. We probably won’t hear from the team for a bit since there is neither cell service nor internet at the site. For the time being – no news is good news!

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  1. Stacy Chick says:

    Just leaving Beckley WV where we enjoyed a fireworks show and our first internet connection since Sunday morning! We’ve had our daily challenges and opportunities to serve homeowners at ASP and get to know our fellow volunteers and staffers at Mullens ASP Center. Everyone is working very hard each day and getting the needed spiritual sustenance and rest. Every Princeton UMC volunteer is doing a great job and we look forward to seeing each of you on Sunday morning to share pictures and stories of this amazing week!

    In Christ,
    Princeton UMC ASP

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