Strategic Plan: Project Vibrant Worship

Sunday Morning Traditional Worship Team

Worship is a huge part of our church life!  It is one of three elements in our Strategic Plan for 2017 (see complete document here).

Church council members have been discussing at great length what worship experiences will serve both our current congregation — and those not currently worshiping with us — and have agreed to explore how we should move forward to encompass the things we currently do and what we might want to do differently in the future.

As part of what we are calling Project Vibrant Worship, we have created two subteams.

One subteam will explore the possibilities for Sunday morning worship: continue two services, combine with one Sunday morning worship, or some alternative scheduling for Sunday morning

Another subteam will explore alternative worship experiences, with focus on attracting families with children and youth

Project Vibrant Worship’s leadership team includes Rev. Jana Purkis-Brash, Tracey Feick (Church Council Chair), Lori Pantaleo (Worship Committee Chair) and Bernhard Brouwer.

The subteams have formed and began meeting in February. Please share your thoughts with members the special Project Vibrant Teams – and also with Church Council, and church committees. 

Sunday Morning Traditional Worship Team Chairperson: Lori Pantaleo

Team: Reggie Cann, Ida Cahill, Sharon DiStase, Rick Engel, Tod Hamilton, Sara Hicks, Beverly Masters, Janis McCarty, Christine Shungu, Hyosang Park, Jana Purkis-Brash

Alternative Worship Experience Team Chairperson: Bernhard Brouwer

Team: Sarah Betancourt, MaryBeth Nelson, Robert Scheffler, Hyosang Park, Skitch Matson

Church Council welcomes input! Church Council is committed to keeping the congregation updated. We ask for your involvement and prayers as together we seek to continue to serve God at PUMC and in our community.

Tracey Feick-Lee, chair Church Council