Jesus mine, in me shine


Morning star, o cheering sight, ere thou camst how dark earth’s light. Jesus mine, in me shine, fill my heart with light divine…

These are the words of “Morning Star” sung responsively — in Moravian churches around the world. Layers of tradition surround this song. It brings many memories, because our family used to belong to a Moravian church.

The Chancel Choir at Princeton United Methodist Church sang “Morning Star” in an arrangement by Helen Kemp on Sunday, December 11.  That night, following the children’s musical ‘Twas the Light Before Christmas, Fellowship Hall will be transformed into a magical starry night for the Advent Night dinner. And the choir will reprise ‘Morning Star at a concert on December 18 at 5 p.m. with Jie Hayes and Christine Green as soloists.  The concert is entitled — “A Shining Star.”

Thy glad beams, thou Morning Star, cheer the nations near and far, Lord alone, thee we own, thou great Savior, God’s dear son.

signed …. Barbara Fox