Masks from the Congo: March 21 Auction

3 Luba Shankadi mask

This mask from the Congo is a traditional Luba craft, not created for the tourist trade. Bidding starts at $200.

This amazing Luba Shankadi mask will be on sale, in a live auction, at the African Soiree on Saturday, March 21. Anyone may buy other items at the African marketplace, from 4:30 on, but you need a ticket to the dinner to participate in the Kuba art auction. Go to the United Front Against Riverblindness website for tickets.  3 cowry shell and bead purse

 Also,  a cowry-shell and bead purse. How unusual! Cowry shells were a form of money, so this purse is a double-entendre — cowry shells on a handbag that holds money. Bidding starts at $100.  jack title holders hat

And — just for fun — here is Jack wearing a title holder’s hat of office, similar to one in the auction. Our own Michele Tuck-Ponder will call the auction, all to benefit United Front Against Riverblindness, giving hope to thousnds of Congolese.

Kuba Art at UFAR’s African Soiree

two menFascinating masks and textiles, intriguing pottery, carved figurines, and exquisite beading with cowrie shells — Kuba artwork from the Democratic Republic of Congo will be for sale at the African Soiree on Saturday, March 21, 5 to 9 p.m. in the main lounge of the Mackay Center at the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Many of these beautiful items will be for sale at the African Marketplace, which starts at 4:30 p.m., and a dozen of the choicest artworks will be up for auction. The Marketplace is open to the public. For $70 African Soiree tickets ($35 for children) go to the UFAR website,

The Soiree  is always exciting and fun. Youth from PUMC will help serve the sumptuous buffet of African and international foods and this year we will enjoy gospel music by Selah, a seminary ensemble directed by La Thelma Armstrong.

Traditional Congolese “Kuba” art was affected by influences from abroad that arrived during the era of colonization, but the individuality and variety of tribal customs has been preserved. Proceeds from the sale will benefit  UFAR (United Front Against Riverblindness), founded by PUMC’s Daniel Shungu, and FEBA (Woman, Cradle of Abundance), founded in the DRC by an ecumenical group of women.