How can fear be healthy?


Fear is a healthy emotion, says Bill Hader, who plays the character Fear in the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. He explains it in this clip.

On Sunday, January 17, Scott Sherrill will preach on how the emotion of fear can be part of everyone’s search for healthy spirituality. How will he tie it in with the scripture passages, Isaiah 41:8-14 and Philipians 4:4-9 ?

His sermon is part of January’s series Healthy Spirituality: Inside Out.  On January 24 Rev. Jana Purkis-Brash will preach on “Joy,” while Catherine Williams talks on January 31 about “The Gift of Sadness.”

How does “disgust’ contribute to healthy spirituality?

Catherine Williams answered the question “What’s so spiritual about disgust?” in her sermon on January 3. In the movie “Inside Out”  the “Disgust” character protected Riley from social danger (making choices that would endanger her popularity) and physical danger.
She told the story of David’s wife Michal recoiling in disgust when he danced before the Ark, based on the text 2 Samuel 6:12-17, 20-23.  In David’s case, however, he was rightfully objected to Michal’s disdain. David had been ordered by God to build the proper temple for the Ark and at long last he had achieved that goal — so his joyful dancing was justified.
Here is the complete text and her conclusion:
It is a good and spiritual thing when we can respond with disgust to the things God finds detestable – situations that contaminate our humanity, situations that endanger our connectedness to God and to one another.