Anthropology Adventure: from Durango to the depths of the Grand Canyon

macguigan photo

Everyone is invited to explore ancient cultures with Barbara MacGuigan on Sunday, July 17. A second year student of anthropology at Maryland’s Washington College,  Barbara recently participated in a two week experiential learning trip to the American Four Corners Region.

The goal of the seminar was to gain firsthand knowledge of how environment shapes culture and to become acquainted with the issues surrounding American archaeology.

Along with visiting ancient Ancestral Puebloan sites, the class investigated various contemporary Native and Colonial cultural centers including the tourist mecca Durango  and Supai Village, nestled in the middle of desert country in the Grand Canyon area.

She will share her findings and her experience after service on Sunday July 17 in Fellowship Hall at about 11:15 a.m.  Join us and support Barbara!

Our next summer sharing time will be July 31, when Paul Manulik and Lindsay Diehl tell about their music mission to Haiti.