Hymns and Music for Epiphany

“Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us,” “Beams of Heaven As I Go” | Hymns and Music for Epiphany


Come to a church that’s refreshing, inspiring, and fun!

At Princeton United Methodist Church, we play beautiful classical and sacred music during worship, which refreshes the spirit. We also sing new or well-known hymns and “gospel and folk songs.” We pray that our music will inspire everyone, old and young, and help them find faith and hope. Here are two of my favorite hymns that we will sing at this Communion Sunday service:

Video: “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us”

“Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us” is a gospel song written by Dorothy A. Thrupp (1836). Each verse of this hymn contains a promise we have received from God and a prayer we make because of that promise. We must, therefore, live our lives as Christ’s followers with faith and in prayer. 

Video: “Beams of Heaven As I Go”

“Beams of Heaven As I Go,” originally titled “Some Day,” is a congregational song written by Rev. Dr. Charles Albert Tindley, an African American Methodist minister and gospel music composer. In this hymn, he asks the oppressed to stand fast in Christ, the one who guides us through this wilderness to peace and glory. “Often referred to as “The Prince of Preachers” and “father of gospel music,” he became a minister and founded one of the largest Methodist congregations serving the African-American community on the East Coast of the United States” (Wikipedia). The historic Tindley Temple United Methodist Church in Philadelphia got its name because of Reverend Tindley. 

Click here to watch the PUMC worship service, listen to the beautiful music, the children’s story time, the scripture readings, the sermon, the prayers, and the story sharing.

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Written by Isabella Dougan