On the third Sunday of Pentecost,  Rev. Michael Reed, Executive Director of Maker’s Place,   gave us at PUMC this great quote on abundance! So, if you are thinking of having an abundant life, you must try to remember this quote. Rev. Michael Reed preached together with PUMC lead pastor Rev. Jenny Smith Walz about ‘divine abundance,” as worship this week is about “God’s Time To Shine.”

On honoring Lori Pantaleo, for receiving an award for her work at The Maker’s Place, Rev. Reed explained how Lori was always the one to go first. Then, she gave her time, gifts, and experience to others. Maker’s Place distributes diapers to over 500 struggling families at five locations in the Trenton area.“You must be the one that goes first.” advised Rev. Reed. “When you go first, when you offer what you have to others, that will kick up abundance for others.”

What to focus on now: “We must take what we have and give it to God and allow God to multiply it for God’s purposes.” Rev. Jenny Smith Walz reminded us,  “Abundance is where all people can flourish, where there is enough for all of us to flourish as a community.” She has always told us that we are enough because God is enough!  We can all experience divine abundance. So come worship with us at Princeton United Methodist Church and be a part of this beloved community.  CLICK HERE to watch the PUMC worship service and listen to the sermon. 

Written by Isabella Dougan