Laura Bratton: Overcoming Adversity

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When you’re in your thirties and the book you’ve written about your life has just been published, you must have done something amazing. The “you” in this case is the Reverend Laura Bratton ’10, author of Harnessing Courage: Overcoming Adversity with Grit and Gratitude (Clovercroft Publishing, 2016). Richard Trenner wrote this in a post for Princeton Theological Seminary, see the rest here. 

Many Princeton UMC members attended Laura’s talk and booksigning. Here is a link to our post on her book and a photo of them getting their books signed (thanks to Richard Trenner for both photos).

Learn more about Laura Bratton’s life and work at

Watch the full video of Bratton’s talk on PTSEM’s Multimedia page.

Laura Bratton’s “Grit and Gratitude”


Laura Bratton.. formerly a seminary intern at PUMC, is coming back to Princeton to speak at Princeton Theological Seminary Library on Tuesday, November 15, 7 to 8 p.m. She will sign her new book, Harnessing Courage: overcoming adversity with grit and gratitude
“Living into daily grit gives us the ability to remain grounded as we experience those times of adversity and trauma as well as moments of joy and laughter,” she says. “Expressing our gratefulness — both when life is easy and when life is difficult — brings healing and strength.”
When Laura served as an intern at our church, many of us wondered how she mustered the courage and determination to succeed as a pastor. She had lost her vision, starting in middle school, and by the time we knew her she was blind due to macular degeneration.

We marveled at her portfolio of coping assets, which included knowledge of Braille, owning a guide dog, and a passionate faith in God. We rejoiced in her successes, learned from her insights, anbratton-headshotd were reluctant to say goodbye. After graduating as the first blind student to get an MDiv at Princeton Theological Seminary, she was a chaplain at the Cleveland Clinic and then senior pastor at Laurens Road United Methodist Church in Greenville, South Carolina.

Aiming to spread her message outside church walls, she has established herself as an inspirational speaker and coach. Her new book can speak to anyone struggling with a problem — whether they have a strong faith or don’t believe in God. Welcome back, Laura!