Masks from the Congo: March 21 Auction

3 Luba Shankadi mask

This mask from the Congo is a traditional Luba craft, not created for the tourist trade. Bidding starts at $200.

This amazing Luba Shankadi mask will be on sale, in a live auction, at the African Soiree on Saturday, March 21. Anyone may buy other items at the African marketplace, from 4:30 on, but you need a ticket to the dinner to participate in the Kuba art auction. Go to the United Front Against Riverblindness website for tickets.  3 cowry shell and bead purse

 Also,  a cowry-shell and bead purse. How unusual! Cowry shells were a form of money, so this purse is a double-entendre — cowry shells on a handbag that holds money. Bidding starts at $100.  jack title holders hat

And — just for fun — here is Jack wearing a title holder’s hat of office, similar to one in the auction. Our own Michele Tuck-Ponder will call the auction, all to benefit United Front Against Riverblindness, giving hope to thousnds of Congolese.