Youth Sunday: Three choirs

On Youth Sunday, February 8 at 9:30, choirs from three churches will praise the Lord. Our PUMC youth choir rehearsed with singers from Trinity Episcopal and Nassau Presbyterian, and these combined choirs visited the other two churches on January 25. Now we get to hear them! They will sing Cherubini’s “Like as a Father,” a traditional Zambian song, “Bonse Aba,” and “One Voice.”

Below are some snaps taken at rehearsal and on the 25th. Praising the Lord on Sunday!

rehearsal trinity2015 1 25 boys at trinity  2015 1 25 lining up trinity

2015 1 25 youth choir balcony nassauThanks to  PUMC’s Tom Shelton, Nassau’s Sue Ellen Page (shown here) , and Trinity’s Tom Whittemore for their leadership. 2015 1 25 Sueellen and Tom