Knitting for faith and prayer

The prayer shawl group meets Tuesday, September 29. Everyone is invited, no matter your skill level. Here’s how Catherine Williams describes her experience:

I joined the prayer shawl group originally to keep my daughter company. She loved knitting and crocheting but was anxious about being in the company of women so much older than she was. She soon discovered her fears were needless, even as I soon discovered the time spent was therapeutic. The evenings were low-keyed, relaxing, uplifting, and a wonderful opportunity for connecting to God through “prayer-work.” I learned stitches I had not known before and my teachers were all so gracious. I encourage anyone – especially if you’re not yet connected to a group – to give the Prayer Shawl group a try. My daughter is away at college now, but has carried with her treasured memories of those calming Tuesday evenings spent with her crocheting buddies!

Interested?  E-mail: or call 609-924-2613