Caring Kids for Summer Sundays


Emily Gordonier reports on the Caring Kids program on July 19. “Carline Kimble and I led 7 delightful children in a crayon recycling program,” says Emily. “They enjoyed working together to sort broken crayons, gathered from throughout the church by by color, putting them into separate plastic bags. We wound up with a total of two gallons of crayons to be sent to a recycling company in Minnesota, Crazy Crayons,¬†where they will be melted and used to make ‘new’ crayons for children in schools, hospital and churches.”

Children in preschool through rising sixth grade are invited to go to “Caring Kids” in Room 202 after the Children’s Time. Each Sunday they get to work on a different mission task. On July 12, the children wrote “encouragement” letters to soldiers. ¬†Each week they take on a different mission task!