Help at our Communiversity Oasis! 4/17/16

2016 4 P1020822 bell choir and street

9:30 a.m. ONE WORSHIP SERVICE, “It’s Cool in the Furnace” musical

10:30 -11 a.m. Coffee hour, Appalachia Service Project serving

10:30 to 11 a.m. Silent Auction for Appalachia Service Project

11:15-11:45 Lunch for those staying for Communiversity and musical

Noon to 6: On the lawn, Appalachia Service Project bake sale, PUMC “Prize Wheel,”  Woman Cradle of Abundance’s photo op bird, Womanspace table, Boy Scout tent

Noon to 6: In the Sanford Davis room, Oasis hosts welcome visitors to restrooms, tables for seating with ice water and coffee

1 p.m. Bell Choir on the lawn

2 to 2:30 p.m. “It’s Cool in the Furnace” in the sanctuary (cast at 1:15)

3 to 6 p.m. Toddler area in the Sanford Davis Room sponsored by Conquer Paralysis Now

I want to help PUMC make community friends at Communiversity: Comment on Facebook or email

Donate for ASP bake sale (individually wrapped, no nuts) _________ or

Help set up lunch 11-11:15 __________________________

Help clean up lunch11:45-noon ___Lorie and choir mothers________________

Bring chips, washed grapes, or washed strawberries _____

Bring makings for P&J sandwiches ____choir mothers_________________

Order and pick up deli tray of meats/cheeses/bread for 40 _________

Help drive “Shuttle” to and from Jana’s house_________________

Welcome visitors from lawn___________________________________

Welcome visitors in Sanford Davis Room__need 3 to 6 p.m.__________________

Be a docent for stained glass window tours ______________________

Supervise middle-schoolers on our Prize Wheel___have one, need two _______

Donate items for Silent Auction or Prize Wheel __________________

Donate a gift card for the Prize Wheel

Help clean up Sanford Davis Room 5:30-6:30 __________________

Another idea? __________________________________________


help for parking mid-afternoon is available !

On the road to Jerusalem — for all ages

2016 3 palms 1a P1010850 mccartin blurred goodAs Palm Sunday and Easter approach, here are some family friendly suggestions for how to teach your children about Jesus’ path in Holy Week. The ‘Resurrection cookies” and the “Empty Tomb” biscuits look interesting. They both involve marshmellows that melt.

For adults and teens, here is a “Lent Quiz.”  For instance, one question asks whether, at the Last Supper, the disciples would have been standing, sitting, kneeling, or reclining. Click here for the answer. 

We look forward to beautiful music during Holy Week. The Children’s Choir will sing on Palm Sunday at 9:30 and the Bell Choir plays both services. The Youth Choir sings for Maundy Thursday Communion on Easter. Good Friday brings the Michael Haydn Requiem. And for Easter Sunday — Hallelujahs!

Valentine Treats: yummy breakfast, young voices

breakfast plate betterThis is the Sunday for another yummy breakfast, prepared by the United Methodist Men. We’ll hear how polio has almost been stamped out around the world. Another treat: the children’s choir will sing, directed by Tom Shelton. (Yes, these pictures were taken in warmer weather! (Also mark your calendars for February 28, Youth Sunday, when the kids join the Youth Choir to sing at both services.)

Our sermon series for Lent: “I AM”. Each Sunday in Lent, we will examine who Jesus is (the Light of the World, the True Vine, the Good Shepherd, the Way the Truth the Life, and more). As we examine who Jesus is we will reflect on how that informs we who are as Christians.

Children's Choir1 Children's Choir2 Children's Choir3

Children's Choir4 Children's Choir5 Children's Choir6


Pastor’s Pen: Leaning into Lent

2016LentenSeries-WildernessTimeSlider-943x345From Rev. Catherine Williams: As I write this note Lent is on my mind. This is the time of the liturgical year I think of death and renewal. The dry, barren woods behind my home remind me that nature is in her own necessary cycle of death and renewal, even as Lent approaches. What images does Lent conjure for you? As a child growing up in Anglican schools the images of this season were markedly somber: fasting, deprivation, denial, meatless Fridays, penitence, confession, and lots of songs in minor keys! It was all about traditional piety back then. As an adult however, I’ve learned to lean into Lent more purposefully. Leaning into Lent means preparing to strip down my faith to its bare essentials. I don’t always succeed but the process always yields a healthier spirituality.

This year our mid-week Lenten meditations invite us into a fresh experience of the wilderness. We can lean into Lent as we take the journey from our cultivated daily landscapes into the uninhabited places of prayer, fasting, study, or whatever spiritual discipline is most meaningful to us at this time.
Our Lenten sermon series, starting February 17, looks at the “I am” sayings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel according to John. Jesus identified himself in these sayings as the Light of the World, the True Vine, the Good Shepherd, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Door, and the Resurrection and the Life. These are powerful nodes of spiritual encounter that invite you and me to fertilize and prune our faith during this season of death and renewal. I hope you’ll take this invitation to heart and join us on this grace-filled journey as the Spirit leads us towards wholeness and healing. As we lean into Lent together, I offer for our meditation this hymn of prayer from Charles Wesley: (UMH #410)
I want a principle within of watchful, godly fear,
A sensibility of sin, a pain to feel it near.
I want the first approach to feel of pride or wrong desire,
To catch the wandering of my will, and quench the kindling fire.
In Lenten simplicity.

Catherine Williams

Endless buckets of love

P1070383 cindy pray
Prayer at Children’s Time. “There’s always another bucket.”
P1070391 up steps
Middle-schoolers get ready to take ‘buckets of God’s love’ down the aisles, collecting today’s offering.

God offers endless buckets of love — that was Lay Minister Cindy Gordon’s message on Sunday (2/7/2016), at Children’s Time. For a photo essay, click here.

Anger: Healthily Spiritual?

How can anger be spiritually healthy? On Sunday, January 10 at 9:30 and 11, with Ephesians 4: 26-31 as her text, Rev. Jana Purkis-Brash continues the sermon series “A Healthy Spirituality: Inside Out,” referencing the Pixar movie. Her texts will be Ephesians 4: 26-31 and Mark 3:1-5. The Youth Choir, directed by Tom Shelton, will sing “Sanctuary” and “Gift of Love” at the 9:30 service, and Hyosang Park will direct the Chancel Choir in “Inscription” by Z.R. Stroope. Catherine Williams will speak to the children at Children’s Time. All are welcome! Join us for coffee and finger food after each service.



Carol Singing: Breakfast December 13

Celebrate the season with song at the breakfast sponsored by the United Methodist Men on December 13 in Fellowship Hall. A hot breakfast is served at 8 am, and the program starts at 8:30. Everyone is invited; a $5 donation is requested. It is such a pleasure to again welcome Dr. Karen Zumbrunn to share fascinating stories behind some of our favorite carols. The week before, on Advent Night, she is scheduled to lead the singing – a PUMC tradition for more than 20 years.

For the UMM breakfast Karen will share the fascinating stories behind such favorites as Joy to the World, The First Noel, and On Christmas Night (known as the Sussex Carol). The program will feature medieval carols as well as folk carols from Canada and Czechoslovakia (the latter was written for bagpipes!) Typically, carols are written in a language that can be shared by all. They invite communal singing. The season for singing carols is all too brief — so come and enjoy the music!

Advent Night: ‘Joy to the World’

Be sure to join us for our annual Advent Night celebration on Sunday, December 6th from 4 to 7 p.m. It will be a joy filled evening as we begin our preparation
for the arrival of the Christ Child. We will begin with our Christmas Pageant at 4:00 PM, titled Joy to the World, where we will hear and see the Christmas Story as told by our Sunday School and Children’s Choir. Tom Shelton has been hard at work rehearsing with our elementary school choirs and Sunday School children. It will be a wonderful way to kick off the Advent Season.

Following the pageant, join us for a time of dinner and crafts. From 5:15 – 6:25 there will be 5 craft stations set up for crafters of all ages. Kids, make a secret craft for your parents with help from our confirmation class. Everyone is welcome to decorate a gingerbread
cookie as well! Need a break from crafting? Come on downstairs to the Fellowship Hall for a good old fashioned potluck dinner. Don’t forget to bring something to share!

Be sure you are finished with your craft by 6:30 because we will conclude the evening with carol singing and dessert led by Karen Zumbrunn. Bring your favorite dessert to share.

We hope you will join us for this joy-filled evening. See you on the 6th!