Daily Devotional | Thursday February 11

Thursday, February 11

Song of Songs 1:5 – Black am I and beautiful, O Jerusalem girls, like the tents of Qedar, the pavilions of Salmah.

After appearing in the 1968 London production of "Hair," Marsha Hunt and the image of her large Afro became an international icon of black beauty. She made history as the first Black woman to cover England's high fashion glossy, Queen, and appeared on the cover of British Vogue in 1969, a huge feat during that era.Photo: Evening Standard / Stringer via Getty Images

It is vital to note that as far back as Jerome’s translation this passage caused racial anxiety, the technical name is melainophobia, for early translators and church fathers. It is a mistake to think that the 1,200 years prior to the institution of African slavery were free of prejudice based on skin tone and body characteristic. The most potent tools of institutional racism are present in any dominant culture’s assertions around beauty.

In Race Matters: 25th Anniversary Addition, Cornel West writes: “White supremacist ideology is based first and foremost on the degradation of black bodies in order to control them. One of the best ways to instill fear in people is to terrorize them. Yet this fear is best sustained by convincing them that their bodies are ugly, their intellect is inherently underdeveloped, their culture is less civilized, and their future warrants less concern than that of other peoples.”

Action step: today, with brutal honesty look deeply into the visual representations of not only biblical, but all peoples in your local setting. Is there a white Madonna and child in your stained glass? What posters hang in your church? Are there representatives of people of color? If so look deeply at these. Do the figures conform to Eurocentric ideals of beauty? Drilling deeper, do materials connected to your church implicitly or explicitly promote Eurocentric heteronormative images of Christianity. Antiracism is anti-objectification and normalizing of the dominant culture.


Tell Your Story with FlipGrid!

From Pastor Jenny

Story-Sharing on FlipGrid

I’ve been looking for a long time for a way to help people share their stories in a relatively easy way – both on the telling and the listening ends. Thanks to Elliot’s teachers, I’ve found a fun tool I invite you to try!  It’s called FlipGrid. You can access it through your web browser or by downloading an app on your device. I’ve set up a Grid there with “Tell me a story about. . .” prompts from the last three weeks of our Talking the Walk worship series. There are a few of us who have already put up some stories.

This is very informal. Don’t stress over writing something or teasing out a perfectly told story. Just share for a few moments. And it’s also easy to show and tell – share art or play some music. I find it’s sometimes easier to have someone ask me a question or two to help me along.  And as you listen to the stories of others, you can respond with a video back. You can see some of us have already done that too. I hope you will try it out!!

Because, like many apps, there’s a slight learning curve, I’ve created a video to help you along. Here’s my instruction video about How to FlipGrid!  Be sure to log in as a STUDENT.

Take a few minutes and Go to our FlipGrid and Tell Us a Story. . . !

Pastor Skitch: Improving Virtual Worship

Here’s a look ‘behind the scenes’ of how PrincetonUMC’s team is improving our virtual worship experience. Bobby Walz filmed Pastor Skitch’s riff on moving from cell phone video to a Mevo camera and a dedicated laptop.

Thanks to everybody who was working on video before, and those who are helping to solve the problems and contribute to the cost of new and better equipment! More improvements to come! Click here.

Says Pastor Skitch: “We are trying to help you participate fully in worship, and connect not only with your loved ones and God. We will continue to grow!:

“Smartphone Tips and Tricks: How to Connect with Family, Friends – and God”

Our cell phone can be a discipleship tool!  

Join Robin Birkel, Chair of PUMC Communications Committee for 

“Smartphone Tips & Tricks: How to connect with family, friends – and God” 

Sunday, July 14  from 11:30 to 12: 30

Sunday, August 11  from  11:30 to 12: 30

Location:  Friendship Hall, PUMC

PUMC Members and visitors are welcome to attend this workshop. The goal is to encourage low-tech members to access available social media as well as recruit/train more experienced people for video and social media tasks.

Princeton United Methodist Church Building







➡️    Learn tips to get the most out of our smartphone

➡️    Learn how to stay connected to PUMC on facebook

➡️    Learn how to follow a blog post

➡️    Learn how to access our sermon podcasts

➡️    Understand our church’s website

➡️    Learn how to take compelling photos and videos with our smartphone

➡️    Ask our experts questions.

Learning THESE will make our life SO much easier. 

United Methodist Lent Quiz

“How much do you know about the themes and practices during the season of Lent? Take this quiz and be sure to share it with others”. 

The United Methodist Church invites you to take a short quiz to test your knowledge of the season of Lent. Be sure to share the link to this page with friends so you can compare scores later.

Download, print and share this quiz with your church, family and friends! After you take the quiz, you can see all the answers and learn more about Lent and the season before Easter.

*Spoilers: Visit the Complete Answers page.

Try one of our other quizzes.

Posted by Isabella Dougan

Help at our Communiversity Oasis! 4/17/16

2016 4 P1020822 bell choir and street

9:30 a.m. ONE WORSHIP SERVICE, “It’s Cool in the Furnace” musical

10:30 -11 a.m. Coffee hour, Appalachia Service Project serving

10:30 to 11 a.m. Silent Auction for Appalachia Service Project

11:15-11:45 Lunch for those staying for Communiversity and musical

Noon to 6: On the lawn, Appalachia Service Project bake sale, PUMC “Prize Wheel,”  Woman Cradle of Abundance’s photo op bird, Womanspace table, Boy Scout tent

Noon to 6: In the Sanford Davis room, Oasis hosts welcome visitors to restrooms, tables for seating with ice water and coffee

1 p.m. Bell Choir on the lawn

2 to 2:30 p.m. “It’s Cool in the Furnace” in the sanctuary (cast at 1:15)

3 to 6 p.m. Toddler area in the Sanford Davis Room sponsored by Conquer Paralysis Now

I want to help PUMC make community friends at Communiversity: Comment on Facebook or email growth@princetonumc.org

Donate for ASP bake sale (individually wrapped, no nuts) _________ or https://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/366675246068

Help set up lunch 11-11:15 __________________________

Help clean up lunch11:45-noon ___Lorie and choir mothers________________

Bring chips, washed grapes, or washed strawberries _____

Bring makings for P&J sandwiches ____choir mothers_________________

Order and pick up deli tray of meats/cheeses/bread for 40 _________

Help drive “Shuttle” to and from Jana’s house_________________

Welcome visitors from lawn___________________________________

Welcome visitors in Sanford Davis Room__need 3 to 6 p.m.__________________

Be a docent for stained glass window tours ______________________

Supervise middle-schoolers on our Prize Wheel___have one, need two _______

Donate items for Silent Auction or Prize Wheel __________________

Donate a gift card for the Prize Wheel

Help clean up Sanford Davis Room 5:30-6:30 __________________

Another idea? __________________________________________


help for parking mid-afternoon is available !

The heavens are telling…in today’s busy world

Sunrise on the Canal: Psalm 19: 1
Sunrise on the Canal: Psalm 19: 1

Last week John DiStase took this sunrise photo on the way to work and posted it on his Facebook page. The following day, the women in the Monday Morning Group were scheduled to study sunrises, as described in the daily devotional published by The Upper Room.  The author (Larry R. Hygh Jr.) referred to Psalm 1: The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork, and he wrote that each sunrise ‘instructs us in the nature of praise and in bearing witness to the work of God among us.’ 

Slow down! he warns. He describes his morning run. ‘Each day I pause near the pond and watch the sun rise while the geese take off in flight. Only God can make the sun rise each day and give new mercies every morning . . . . Take time to listen to the silent speech of the universe.’ 

Two side points and a challenge:

  1. Social media (in this case, Facebook) is a great way to ‘fellowship’ with each other in today’s busy world. Most of us know John, mostly, as the husband of Sharon Apperson DiStase and the father of a teenage daughter and twin daughters. Through Facebook, we learn that he is a guitarist and a photographer.
  2.  The Monday Morning Group is a quintessential example of the ‘small groups’ that help adults deal with today’s busy world — they come together for prayer, study, and fellowship.  On a ‘come when you can’ basis, participants discuss the past week’s devotional readings in the Upper Room devotional, and come away refreshed and reaffirmed.

Here’s the challenge:

Do you have a sunset or sunrise photo that would illustrate Psalm 19?  Take a moment to appreciate the light! Send your sunrise/sunset photos — or any photo that represents a psalmist’s message — to communications@PrincetonUMC.org. We’ll post it on the church Facebook page, and thanks .. “for taking time to listen to the silent speech of the universe.’ 


Snowed in by Jonas? Worship virtually!

jennifer gromada
Jennifer Gromada: ‘How great thou art…’

Churches all over Princeton are closed under a blanket of snow. But — this is the Lord’s Day! Let’s use the treasure of social media to worship together. Post your favorite picture (of snow or anything else) and your favorite Scripture verse, and share it! Tell if it’s OK to share on the Facebook page of Princeton United Methodist Church! Or email me (bfiggefox@gmail.com) and I’ll put it on the Facebook page.

Pastor Jana started us off with this verse from Isaiah 25:4-5 “For You have been a strong-place for those who could not help themselves and for those in need because of much trouble. You have been a safe place from the storm…” And Jennifer Gromada contributes this photo and the line of a favorite hymn.

Sharing the Good News: 9/26

social mediaSocial Media for Church — Sharing the Good News
with Meredith Gould, author The Social Media Gospel
September 26, 2015, 9AM-4PM
$15 (includes lunch)
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
In this workshop, learn how to create strategy and craft tactics to use social media for communicating church and faith, plus making sure your website works. Lively, interactive, practical with nationally-known expert on church social media. Co-sponsored by: Xaverian Missions and NJ ELCA Synod. Register at: http://bit.ly/1IKs1ld