Tell Your Story with FlipGrid!

From Pastor Jenny

Story-Sharing on FlipGrid

I’ve been looking for a long time for a way to help people share their stories in a relatively easy way – both on the telling and the listening ends. Thanks to Elliot’s teachers, I’ve found a fun tool I invite you to try!  It’s called FlipGrid. You can access it through your web browser or by downloading an app on your device. I’ve set up a Grid there with “Tell me a story about. . .” prompts from the last three weeks of our Talking the Walk worship series. There are a few of us who have already put up some stories.

This is very informal. Don’t stress over writing something or teasing out a perfectly told story. Just share for a few moments. And it’s also easy to show and tell – share art or play some music. I find it’s sometimes easier to have someone ask me a question or two to help me along.  And as you listen to the stories of others, you can respond with a video back. You can see some of us have already done that too. I hope you will try it out!!

Because, like many apps, there’s a slight learning curve, I’ve created a video to help you along. Here’s my instruction video about How to FlipGrid!  Be sure to log in as a STUDENT.

Take a few minutes and Go to our FlipGrid and Tell Us a Story. . . !