Happy Earth Day!

Canticle of Creation
The Canticle of Creation
By Evangeline Burgers
Happy Earth Day! Did you know that today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day? To commemorate this special day, I’ve put together some fun resources for your families to use. Pastor Jenny opened her new sermon series this past week talking about God’s story (and our story!) in Genesis and it feels fitting to continue to celebrate our Earth and Cosmos with Genesis this week with our families!
St. Francis of Assisi wrote a beautiful “Canticle of Creation”. Feel free to print off the attached coloring page of the prayer to reflect on God’s creation. Then you can turn it into a “stained glass window” by following these easy steps with your coloring page.
Here is an imaginative prayer to celebrate Earth Day!  I’ve recorded myself leading the prayer, but you might rather do it as a family so there is a .pdf attached of this prayer, “God Loves So Many Things”, from Jared Patrick Boyd’s book, Imaginative Prayer.
Henry and I have been LOVING reading a new book this week that is inspired by God’s story told in Genesis. It is called Love Made and it was written by a spoken word artist named Quina Aragon, when she was pregnant with her daughter. Here is a beautiful animation video with the same poem that was made before the book was published. Then the author tells her powerful story here, with a preview of the picture book. I’m excited for us to continue to explore our own stories with our families in the coming days.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about anything and I hope to see our children at 4:30 today at online  Children’s Choir practice with Mr. Tom.