Help build the on-ramp to discipleship: Trey Wince

“There is a lot going on in the life of our churches, but there is just not a sufficient on-ramp, for new visitors at least,” says Worship Pastor Trey Wince.  Here  in this video he tells how our church — and other churches — can help people  get on the path to discipleship

  1. Build the onramp.  Welcome and communicate in a way that easily conneTrey Wince PUMCcts people with your church. Set up ways to easily invite people, to clear away the traffic that gets in the way of people’s experience with God.
  2. Schedule merging lanes: opportunies for new people to learn what’s going on next in the church. Have regular meetings. Organic relationships develop.
  3. Build the highway: Have a clear path of discipleship so that your church is going somewhere on purpose. Clarify where we want to take people on a life of faith.

We start to build the on-ramp on Sunday, September 10, at 9 a.m. with coffee and lemonade on the lawn before 10 a.m. worship. And, after the service, a Discipleship Fair!