Meet Church Council 2020

Princeton UMC’s Church Council, led by Ian Griffiths, has been busy, meeting and going through training sessions. New ministry team leaders have joined the council. In this series of profiles, you will meet them.

Meet Claudio Da Silva, Adult Education Ministry

If you mapped out Claudio Da Silva’s path to Princeton UMC, you would have to traverse three continents, four countries, and countless cities. . . At PUMC,  Claudio sees “an exceptional sense of community, bonding between people and care for each other,” making it easy for him to say ” Yes” to  the pastors. “I can feel here the profound and powerful reality of human connection and godly love [in this church].”

Meet Donna Robinson, Secretary to Church Council 

If you get a chance to engage with Donna, you will find yourself doing most of the talking, because she is a professional “listener.” She put her master’s degree in spiritual pastoral care to good use as a Stephen Leader, training Stephen Ministers at her former church in Maryland.

Meet Theresa Cann: Worship Ministry 

Growing up as the daughter of a Ghanaian diplomat, Theresa spent most of her formative years living in Africa and Europe. . . The Worship Ministry has 10 team members who are tasked to be the eyes and ears of the church. They get feedback about worship, and pay attention to how the order of service is executed for future improvements

Meet Christine Shungu: Breeze Team

If the last name Shungu sounds familiar to you, it’s because they are a multi-generational UMC family involved in various ministries. Christine Shungu grew up in a town called Kananga in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).