Midsummer Opportunity on July 21

jie midsummer

Often PUMC participates in the Princeton Regional Chamber’s annual Midsummer Marketing Showcase (shown above, from 2013, Jie Hayes and Iona Harding spinning the wheel made by Tim Ewer). This year it’s Tuesday, July 21, from 4 to 7 p.m., Though we don’t have a table, we can all just go and mingle, talk to old and new friends, sample food and freebies, and enjoy the festivities. And it’s free!

Four years ago at this event, I encountered a sign designer, Raul Gutierrez and his wife Claire. Raul volunteered his services, pro bono, to create a much needed plan for wayfinding (direction) signs for PUMC. His plan was the basis for the first set of paper signs that we had. Now he’s helping us with the designs for permanent ones.

So if you can go to this event, identify yourself as a chamber member from PUMC!  You may meet someone who needs to explore their faith. You may meet someone you can do do business with. You never know what can happen from a chance encounter!

signed — Barbara Fox