In her sermon on the Second Sunday after Pentecost, Rev. Jenny Smith Walz preached about “Sabbath Rest.” The Scripture was from Luke 6:1-11. “Sabbath,” said Pastor Jenny, “is a way set apart for rest, for holiness, bearing witness to the glorious love and providence of God.”

“When we are supposed to rest, how much do we rebel against that?” mused Rev. Walz.  “How much do we struggle against being still, being quiet, allowing things to happen around us without being caught up in them?”

On the Sabbath, God rested. We, too, are meant for Sabbath rest.  We should not be worried about not having enough. God owns everything, and God will provide for us. What then is Sabbath rest? “How can we create times of rest without being idle or lazy?” Pastor Jenny asked us. Let’s share our answer on the PUMC Facebook page.  If you can, specify the effect her message had on you.

What next? It’s time to practice Sabbath. Take a rest and experience God’s Holy Spirit in your life. Come worship with us at Princeton United Methodist Church, and be a part of this beloved community.  Click here to watch the PUMC worship service and listen to Pastor Jenny’s sermon.

Written by Isabella Dougan