On the Fourth Sunday of Pentecost, Rev. Eric Skitch Matson preached on “Celebration,” referring to God’s Jubilee, and left us with this critical quote that is good to remember always.

The Scripture was from Leviticus 25: 8-13. God had promised Jubilee living would flourish throughout all the land for all its inhabitants. Jubilee living should also be “the time to pause, reflect, ask for forgiveness, and discern what God calls us into next.” For Rev. Matson, “Jubilee resets the affirmation of what the future should look like, and allows for freedom to dream dreams of a better future for all.” He reminded us that “the Jubilee Scripture was a crucial part of the call for freedom, even when it meant going against the norm of the day.” It was also a call to end slavery, and we should be happy that Juneteenth is now a Federal holiday. Therefore, we must not forget to reconnect with God and allow God’s Holy Spirit inside us to guide us forward into the work we need to do.

What to focus on now:  Start Jubilee living now by celebrating and having a reset. Come worship with us at Princeton United Methodist Church and be a part of our beloved community. If you missed all or part of the service,  Click here to listen to Pastor Skitch preaching about “Celebration.” 

Written by Isabella Dougan