Relocation Report: Pat H.

Pat H. reports that she moved to North Carolina in 2013, following her family. “I don’t miss the snow at all!” She prefers to be represented, visually, by one of her beautiful quilts.

PAST What persons/activities/tasks/committees helped you grow in your faith at PrincetonUMC?
I was greatly influenced and grew in my faith by Bill Jacobsen and Peggy Fullman who led multiple systematic Bible studies.  Jim Harris, Ruth Woodward, and Beverly Burdwood encouraged my creative endeavors.  For the Princeton UMC, I used photographic skills for the new member slide shows, made artwork for posters and capital campaign publicity, and served on Outreach and Membership committees at various times.  I was the second church webmaster during the years that we were part of the Web Empowered Church (that organization no longer exists) and was a circuit rider for the NJ Annual Conference to help other churches set up websites. Trey Gillette set up the website that followed the Web Empowered Church site and I was the webmaster for that until I moved away in 2013.  Abu Ibrahim is now doing a wonderful job with that website.
PRESENT: What is your current job, family, or retirement situation? What milestones did you or family members experience since you moved?
I am currently retired. I do a lot of photography and quilting.  I mostly make baby quilts for my family and for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at our Hospital. I make port pillows for cancer patients and an occasional Habitat for Humanity home dedication ceremony quilt. I love to read, swim, bike, walk on our gorgeous NC beaches, and visit family.
HOW are you and your /your church/workplace congregation trying to build community despite social distancing? Or how are you coping with stress? 
I currently belong to a large Southern Baptist church which does a lot of local disaster recovery work (meals and construction) following hurricanes and this Corona Virus period.  I am involved in a Bible study and Sunday school Class.  Our worship services will resume this Sunday, May 31. We have not had as many Corona Virus cases and deaths as you have had in NJ and surrounding states. I have had plenty to do at home during the Stay at Home period here but things are now beginning to return to normal.