Response: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”

What is YOUR concept of the Kingdom of Heaven? Or as we sometimes say, the “Kin-dom of Heaven.” You are invited to respond to Pastor Jenny Smith Walz. On July 26, 2020, when Pastor Jenny Smith Walz invited us to finish the sentence “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” She referred to these verses from the lectionary,

Matthew 13:31—33

Matthew 13: 44—52

Romans 8:26—39

What is your idea of the Kin-dom? Your vision of a ‘beloved community?” YOU ARE INVITED to  comment on this Facebook post or ask the Communications Ministry Team ( how your words might be published.

Some resources:  a link to the bulletin) with this prayer:

 Form in us a new vision of community in which there is neither East nor West, neither South nor North. We pray for the sake of your Kin-dom that both is and is not yet.

If you want to hear the sermon again, go here and choose July 26 

The Benediction was a poem from Rumi

The Last Word

The Absolute works with nothing.

The workshop, the materials

Are what does not exist.

Try and be a sheet of paper with nothing on it.

Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing,

Where something might be planted,

A seed, possibly from the Absolute.

–Mevlana Julaluddin Rumi 1207-1273
Trans. Colman Barks