Scholarships for PrincetonUMC Students

Ten undergraduate students, members of Princeton United Methodist Church, are being supported this year by PUMC Educational Scholarships. Other scholarships, for undergraduates and graduate students, are available from the GNJUMC and the United Methodist Church headquarters in Nashville. Click here for information. 

The Princeton United Methodist Church Educational Scholarship is awarded each year to church members attending an accredited undergraduate college, and to support those preparing for ministry at the Masters’ level. Scholarships are awarded in June. Applications are available in the church office. Deadline for submission of applications and supporting essays, references and transcripts is May 1.

The Scholarship Fund was established in the 1930s and revived in 1996 with the generous endowment from the will of Alice Parker and ongoing donations by members of the congregation. The Scholarship has been helping members of the church community achieve their educational goals for eight decades.

Applications are reviewed by the PUMC Scholarship committee and awards made from the earnings of the endowment. Students may apply for renewal for up to four years. The Scholarship not only supports students financially but reminds them that
their church community is behind them as they move on to future endeavors. A recent graduate explained, “as I head to start a new job I will take the love of PUMC with me. Your love and support have meant so much. Thank You.”

The PUMC Scholarship Fund needs to be continually replenished. You may make a donation to the endowment either online giving, personal check, or through transfer.