END Racism Prayer Resources

As a church, we are compiling “end racism” resources. Have you found a book, an article, or a video helpful? Please send it to Office@PrincetonUMC.org and we’ll try to include it here as soon as we can.

B  Articles and blog posts
C.  Films and TV shows
D. Speeches and Courses 

A three-session racial literacy program by Ruha Benjamin, sponsored by Not in Our Town Princeton.

E.  Songs; Poems

A. Songs

‘In the Ghetto’ by Elvis Presley

‘Dear Mama’ by Tupak

B. Poems by Maya Angelou; others

“Give me liberty or give me death …”

 F. United Methodist Church resources

Princeton UMC’s Guide for five day prayer vigil to end racism

F. Organizations 

Resources studying systemic bias compiled by Not in Our Town Princeton.