BOOM! Speaking truth to power

“Boom!” was the topic for Rev. Jana Purkis Brash on August 21, 2016. “Boom!” as in the sound made by the mike when a speaker — invigorated by the success of the speech — drops the mike and walks away.

In healing a crippled woman on the Sabbath, Luke 10:13-17, not only did Jesus perform a miracle, but he triumphed over the religious leaders who objected to healing on the Sabbath. Jesus “dropped the mike.” He spoke truth to power.

As Christians we are called to help the oppressed, those who are so burdened by life that they cannot stand straight.  And we too can “drop the mike” to fight social injustice. We can speak truth to power.


In a gentler vein, Jana welcomed six little girls to Children’s Time. Some came from as far away as New York, Canada, and even Mexico! She emphasized that — even though some don’t get to visit very often — they are all part of our church family.

childrens time