Pastor Jenny’s Video Update April 25, 2020

Watch Pastor Jenny’s Video Update

Thank You!

Thank you to our Health Care Professionals, particularly those who are in direct patient care, working in hospitals, in the midst of very challenging and anguishing situations, putting yourself at risk to be part of God’s healing work in the world.

Two people from our congregation who I want to lift up, give thanks for and to, and pray for are are Pam B.  and Deena P.

  • No doubt there are others of you in the PUMC Beloved Community who are also in direct patient care. Please help me to know who they are!! We want to thank and surround them as well!

​​Coffee with the Pastor
Sunday, April 26 (tomorrow) at 11:30am-12:30pm
Via Zoom.

Open to all!  While this is always open to all, I tend to gear this even to those who are newer among us to give them a chance to get to know us better and us, them.  Newcomers and long-timers are invited, and after some general fellowship time, I’ll invite us to talk about ways our faith has been challenged during this COVID crisis and time of physical distancing. What has been called into question for you about God, faith, church, what God is revealing to you, for example. (The link will be available at the worship service on Facebook).

Tuesday Chapel Prayer Service & Zoom Lunch
Starting this Tuesday, April 28, at noon.

Join us on our PUMC Facebook page for a live (or archived) prayer service. It won’t look exactly like the Lenten Series. It will likely be simpler, with no homily, and more of a time of prayer. I’ll offer leadership this week, but it won’t always be me. We’ll follow this with a fellowship lunch via Zoom.

​​Virtual Coffee Hour
1st Sunday of Each Month – after worship – via Zoom

Miss your PUMC friends?  Want to see their faces? Share a smile?  We’ll gather in a few different virtual Zoom spaces on the first Sunday of each month for just this. The next one will be Sunday, May 3.

Tell Me a Story! 
Continuing to Talk the Walk in Worship and Beyond

We’re continuing our “Talk the Walk” worship series about telling our stories. Heather H.  is sharing a story tomorrow in worship, which I know you’ll want to hear. And I would still love to hear your stories of your beginnings and how God was part of that beginning! Even if you don’t tell me, tell someone! Be part of worship tomorrow for another Tell Me a Story prompt.

Be sure to look for your worship materials on our website. Send Pastor Skitch a prayer request to be named in worship or put it up on the Facebook post asking for your requests. Gather a candle, your bible, and make some sacred space for worship tomorrow.

Thank you!
for your gifts, your tithes, your offerings, and going Above and Beyond!

Your joyful and generous responses to God’s love in the form of your financial gifts are continuing to make ministry happen. We thank you for the ways you’ve shifted your giving to mail and online giving. And we direct you to our PUMC giving page to set up automatic payments or to send in a gift. You’ll also find there information about our yearly Above and Beyond campaign, which allows you to sponsor a particular ministry of our church and help us close the gap between our budget and our annual pledges received last fall. This week’s focus is on Children and Youth Formation and Music Ministries.

I miss and love you,
Pastor Jenny