This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday and is meant to be a special day of worship. The service will spotlight Hyosang Park, our solo handbell artist, performing “Every Time I Feel The Spirit,” by an unknown artist, with arrangement by C. Anderson. PUMC pianist Julia Hanna, as always, plays beautiful classical music throughout the service. The Pentecost hymns include: “There’s a Spirit in the Air,” “Spirit Song,” and “Spirit of God.”

The hymn “Spirit Of God,” was written by Steve Garnaas-Holmes and generally sung to the tune DOVE SONG. To watch a Youtube video of the song, Click here.

Our confirmands Jax ObeLena HamiltonThomas Germán, and William Ponder lead worship on this Pentecost Sunday, with Rev. Jenny Smith Walz delivering the sermon. The Scripture is from “Acts 2:1-24.”

 Pentecost is the beginning of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church. As we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon all Christians, we must ask ourselves where the Holy Spirit is working in our lives. Then, together we should ask the Holy Spirit to bring peace, love, and justice to our world. Click here to join us in this worship service as we lift up our hearts to the Lord with joyful songs and music to celebrate the Holy Spirit moving within us and among us.

Written by Isabella Dougan