Children’s Book: “Someday is Now”

Pastor Jenny read aloud the children’s picture book “Someday is Now,” written by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and Illustrated by Jade Johnson, at Children’s Time, on Sunday, August 30, 2020,

“Someday is Now,” a book on social justice in America, is about Clara Luper, a ‘superhero’ of the Civil Rights movement. It tells how Clara and her students led sit-ins in 1958, at the Katz lunch counters in Oklahoma City, to end racial segregation. The unjust laws at the time did not allow African Americans to eat at lunch counters inside the drugstore. They were forced to take their food outside. And so Clara and these children changed the laws!

Clara challenges young people to do what is right and stand up against something they know is wrong, even at a high cost, but without resorting to violence.

Pastor Jenny states, “Jesus taught us we are to follow him into hard places in this life and that we are to overcome evil with good all the time. In this story, we see real people who overcame evil with good. But it was hard!”

The lesson to be learned from this story is that young people must be prepared to make small sacrifices for justice and make changes in the world. Like speaking out and standing strong.

So, what now?

Says Pastor Jenny: “Carry this story with you into today, into the rest of the week, into the rest of our lives as you follow Jesus as well.”

To follow the worship service and listen to Pastor Jenny read, click here.


Written by Isabella Dougan

#praywithusPUMC to End Racism Continues

On June 9 Princeton UMC closed its five-day Prayer Vigil to End Racism with a service on the church lawn, archived on our Facebook page. Here is the complete program.   Here are some of the prayers we lifted up:

  • We pray for an end of systemic racism that perpetuates cycles of poverty and violence.
  • We name our own need on our anti-racism journey.
  • We pray for the formation of new relationships that we need to desegregate our lives.
  • We pray for courage to become your instrument of change to end racism.

Our prayers and our work to end racism can and must continue.

Here are some ways to help…..

  • To begin your own end racism prayer vigil, here is a five day prayer guide.
  • To see the end racism resources we are compiling, link here.
  • To contribute end racism resources, post them on social media with the hashtag#PraywithusPUMC and send an email to

Let’s end racism, once and for all.

One human family, in God.



END Racism Prayer Resources

As a church, we are compiling “end racism” resources. Have you found a book, an article, or a video helpful? Please send it to and we’ll try to include it here as soon as we can.

B  Articles and blog posts
C.  Films, Videos and TV shows
D. Speeches and Courses 

A three-session racial literacy program by Ruha Benjamin, sponsored by Not in Our Town Princeton.

E.  Songs; Poems

A. Songs

‘In the Ghetto’ by Elvis Presley

‘Dear Mama’ by Tupak

B. Poems by Maya Angelou; others

“Give me liberty or give me death …”

 F. United Methodist Church resources

Princeton UMC’s Guide for five day prayer vigil to end racism

  • Self directed courses on Implicit Bias, Antiracism 101, and First Steps for White Christians These are resources from the United Methodist General Commission on Religion and Race
  • F. Organizations 

    Resources studying systemic bias compiled by Not in Our Town Princeton.