The Lord’s Prayer: Ana Cabus

Confirmands wrote their versions of Jesus’s prayer:  Ana Cabus offers these words.

My holy parent, my creator, precious is your name. You have created this beautiful Earth and its residents. The animals, plants and humans. May we honor your name by bringing heaven to Earth.

May we do so by doing your will above our Earthly ambitions. May I take better care of the Earth, water, the skies, all of its inhabitants and each other. Contribute our time to bring justice; give people equity; love people; forgive others; and accept people for who they truly are. I want to be able to contribute to bringing heaven to earth. May we be able to do this together.

Thank you for the ability to take care of the blessings I have. Thank you for the love, food, happiness and forgiveness I have experienced. Thank you for watching over my family and healing them repeatedly. Please continue to guide me as I grow and try to bring your will to Earth. Please guide us from being tempted by Earthly ambitions.

  Please forgive me for the things I have done wrong, holy parent. Thank you for continually blessing me, even when I fall to my negative thoughts and desires. Desires and thoughts that might hurt others, are unnecessary, and selfish. Regardless, you continue to love and forgive me. Because you continue to bless me with your light and forgive me, I will strive to reflect your light by loving, try to find justice; give people equity; accept people for who they truly are and forgive others who have hurt me. I hope to share your light.

 Please guide me to refrain from sinning against others and you. Please continue to show me your way so that I can spread your light.

Thank you for blessing the world in your light. You are my holy parent, my creator, my Lord forever, Amen